Friday, December 23, 2011

My Blog has moved

Hello everybody, please note I have moved my blog to Wordpress.
Since Windows live spaces migrated to Wordpress I didn't feel the need for two blogs. Please update your bookmarks and continue to follow me. My blog is now more than just gardening and more active then before.
Here is my new link, hope to see you there!

It is still "Mystics Realm"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Compost, what's that?

Well compost is the best thing for your garden and it comes from rotting food scraps and yard waste.
Why would you want to send your food scraps to a landfill when you can save money and use it right in your own back yard.  To make compost you first need a composter to place your food scraps into. There are many different varieties out there to choose from and finding one that best suits you is something you need to experience for yourself. However I can recommend the types I am using myself as they break down the food scraps fast.

First of all I will start with my big open top wooden composter I use for my larger yard waste.
This is where I place my larger yard waste items such as large quantities of leaves , grass clippings, ashes from our wood stove, twigs, end of season annuals ect.   Once this is broke down and turned into soil rich compost I then use it around trees throughout my lawn and in my rhubarb patch.

This is the Digestor I use for my pets waste, bones, grease and fatty foods.

When using this type of composter you first have to dig a hole in the ground. I recommend at least 3' deep and 2 1/2' wide. Place the cone over the hole and place some of the dirt you dug over the bottom edge of cone. Use the remaining dirt through out you yard and in other composters if you have them. Then throw your meats, bones, animal feces etc. into the top of the cone by removing the lid tossing in your items and pushing the lid back on. When the hole you dug gets filled almost to the top(Do not fill to the top of the cone) then it's time to relocate your digestor. Using the dirt you dig from your new hole cover the items in the old hole. Repeat this process through out your yard. Items you buried will break down over time. With it being buried wild life will not be able to find it.

Finally my favorite composter I use is called the earth machine.

Inside this composter I place the rest of my food scraps such as lettuce, potatoe peelings, bad apples, onion skins, coffee grounds tea bags, egg shells, any fruit skin, watermelon rind, grass clippings, leaves etc.

Ok, so if you go out and purchase a earthmaching composter as I did you will bring it home assemble the top part to the base. Find a sunny location not to far away from your house to place it. Snap it together until it locks. Then with the plastic screws that came with it screw it to the ground so it does not blow away. Next place the sliding door to the side/bottom of the base and place the top lid in place and turning it to lock it.
Now all you have left to do is start placing your food scraps inside. I recommend doing this in layers. When ever you add wet ingredients add a layer of dry ingrediants. This helps keep down odors and fruit flies. Every other week you should stir it up to speed up the process.

When all is said and done your reward will be this nice rich soil to use in your garden and yard.

Happy Composting!

Friday, October 8, 2010


This is the first I have blogged since April of this year and can't believe summer has come and gone.

I was planning on putting a garden in this year I even emptied my composter into my three raised beds, but we go to the trailer every weekend and I didn't get my veggies planted in time.

To my amazement lots of tomatoes grew in all three beds. I didn't realise that tomatoe seeds could survive our frigid winters, but I guess they can. So now that summer has gone and we are now into autumn I can clean up my beds for another winters sleep. Hopefully I plant a garden next spring!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ugh, snow again!

Everything was going great weather and garden wise, then to my surprise I wake up to more snow on the ground and a chill in the air or should I say wind. I know we didn't get much and I hope that was the last of it. I did however get some pictures last week of my rhubarb and plum tree. It won't be long and I will be baking with the rhubarb and this is the most blossoms I have ever seen on our plum tree and the bees have been very busy pollinating this year.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Garden update

With summer being here and we are always at the trailer I don't get much time to blog about my garden. So I thought I would update everybody on my garden with some pictures. I hope you enjoy.

I will add more when I can !

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Raised Beds and Containers

I finally got my raised beds in!
3 is enough for now and I will probably add more next year.
My beds measure 4' W x 8' L x 10"H
I still need to get more dirt but I have already mixed in
dirt, sawdust, ashes and compost.

Easter weekend I planted some cold crop veggies(lettuce and onions).
They seem to be doing quite well at least they are still growing I haven't killed them yet.

Everything seems to be doing good. My perennials all seem to be coming up nicely. Indoors I have many pepper and tomatoe plants, Basil, zinnia, sweet william and others growing. I can't wait to plant everything outside but I think I will wait a little bit longer because with this weather you never know when frost will hit again or how much.

Notice the rhubarb in the photo above. Pretty soon I will be making my rhubarb cake and maybe this year I will make rhubarb jam again. I will post the recipes for both when I do.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More signs of spring and what is that?

I was lucky enough to have a robin stop and pose for me
long enough for me to take a picture on the weekend. The weather was
very spring like weather. I was able to do alot of raking and get the lawn ready
for the April showers to wash away all the winter muck.
I was a little confused when I found my tulips coming up through the ferns
in the front bed. I knew they were tulips it just looked weird.
Now I am asking for some help from all you gardeners
out there. Below is a couple pictures I took of my plum tree.
What is that fungas and how do I treat it. It's the only plum tree I
have left and I don't want to have to cut it down. Is this disease treatable and how?